ASCIP's 2017 Donors

ASCIP truely values and appreciates each and every one of its donors. Without you, ASCIP would not be so valuable, unique and successful!  From the ASCIP Governance Board - Thank you! Lisa Beck
Richard Buesch
Marguerite David
Rose-Marie Faotto
Samuel Gordon
Jeffrey Harrow
M. Kristi Henzel
Sigmund Hough
Vera James
Vidya Jayawardena
Indira Lanig
John Lavelle
Charles Lynne
Linda Madaris
Nkosana Motsitsi
Jean O'Leary
Christine Olney
Denny O'Malley
Elena Pasicolan
Julius Penning
Steven Perkel
Terrie Price
Jan Schwab
Felicia Skelton
Douglas Stevens
Laura Tuck