Letter from the President

The Answer Plot: Growing Together and Assessing Our Harvest

2015-2016 has been a successful growing year for ASCIP.  At the close of the 2016 ASCIP conference, we can say we have grown both in the number of ASCIP members and the number of persons who attended the conference.  But growth and success are not only in numbers.

Along the bike trail in rural Minnesota, I ride by the “Answer Plot”.  This is a trial plot of different formulations of seeds of corn and beans.  So much growth and beauty occurs over the spring and summer months, with in the plants and below the dirt.  But it is at harvest that we can tell what the real outcomes are, how the plants handled the abundant rain, occasional winds and hail and the status of the sod below.  The outcomes are assessed to determine the plan for the farmers’ fields for the next year.

In a sense, ASCIP has its own “Answer Plot”, in the shape of the annual conference.  There is significant amount of work that occurs in the early spring, abstract selections and invitations to develop the conference, identifying topics for round tables, reviewing articles year round for our journal, acquiring new committee and section board members, and planning fun networking events for early career members.  So the growing begins, and over the summer the program blooms with an abundant conference program, 5 webinars, a 16% rise in the 2 year impact factor for JSCM, collaboration with other SCI/D organizations, and hosting the SCI Fellows, VA directors and Model Systems meeting opportunities.  These are only a few examples.

This fall the sections, committees, the Governance Board and the FIRM will assess our harvest.  Please help us answer: what are we doing well, what can we improve on and what do we want our field to look like next year and the years to come?  Your input is valued, please take time to send your thoughts and ideas to our leaders on committees or boards, or you can send to myself at beck.lisa@mayo.edu.

Happy Harvest,


ASCIP President