Members of PSW,
As a section of the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals, our mission includes:
  • advancing and improving the psychosocial care of individuals with spinal cord injury and related diseases
  • developing and promoting education and research related to the psychosocial care of individuals with spinal cord injury and related diseases
  • recognizing psychologists, social workers, certified rehabilitation counselors and licensed professional counselors whose careers are devoted to addressing issues faced by individuals with spinal cord injury and related diseases, through section specific awards
  • promoting the exchange of ideas through networking
Members of our section, through our Clinical Practice Committee, are currently hard at work revising the Professional Practice Standards for psychologists, social workers and counselors who work with individuals with SCI and related diseases.  These standards address the skills and competencies and the essential education and training requirements necessary for working with such individuals.  As research has continued to expand our knowledge base, a revision of the Standards with incorporation of more recent empirical findings is needed.  In addition, the revision will specifically address skills, competencies and training requirements for working with pediatric and geriatric populations.
Another focus of work this year involves building upon the success of our newly created Early Career and Trainee Support Committee.  Our section is committed to welcoming, encouraging and mentoring students and early career professionals.  This committee, lead by a committed early career professional organized rountables and networking opportunities at our 2012 annual conference.  A formal mentoring program for trainees and early career professionals within our section is being developed and we are excited to build on the successes of this new committee and look forward to engaging with other Academy sections to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration around early career and trainee issues.
Members of the PSW Board of Directors and members of our section committees are passionate about the mission of the PSW section and the Academy in general.  We welcome suggestions, questions and involvement of members of our section.  Please feel free to reach out to us during the coming year with ideas, questions or comments.  I look forward to hearing from and/or meeting many of you in the coming year. 
Toby Huston, PhD
President, PSW Section
Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals