TLC Awards Program

Distinguished Clinical Award

For a member who has demonstrated outstanding clinical contributions in the area of SCI/D. This may include demonstration of clinical application of evidenced based medicine and/or translational research.

Distinguished Clinical Award Recipients:

2010  Deborah Backus, PhD, PT

2011  Martha Somers, PT, DPT, MS

2012  Mark Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP

2013  Claire Cahow, CTRS         

2014  Martin Kilbane, PT, DPT, OCS
2015  Anne Bryden, OTR/L

Excellence Award

This award is for a member who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership in the clinical application of SCI/D.

Excellence Award Recipients:

2010  Kendra Betz, MPT, ATP

2011  Rafferty Laredo, OTR, ATP

2012  Jacqueline LaMear Black, MSPT

2013  Darrell Musick, PT

2014   Amy Icarangal, PT, NCS
2015  Sam Adams OTR/L