Enduring Material 2023 - Evaluation List

To earn enduring credit for ASCIP 2023, you must watch the recorded recording and complete the session evaluation for each session for which you want to claim credit.

You can view all available slide decks in the "Materials" tab on the video lesson page. 

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: When you complete an evaluation, please wait to be redirected back to this page to continue.  Because of the large number of evaluations on this site, it may take 15-20 seconds or more to be redirected.  Please be patient.

When you have finished watching all the recordings for which you want credit, scroll to the bottom of this Evaluation List, complete the overall evaluation and download your certificate for Enduring Credit - AMA, Nursing or Certificate of Attendance.

You can follow your enduring credit progress on the transcript page.

Enduring materials will be closed after December 31, 2023.