About APS

American Paraplegia Society
Founded in 1954, and incorporated in 1977, the American Paraplegia Society (APS) is dedicated to improving the quality of medical care delivered to persons with spinal cord impairment (SCI).

The mission of the American Paraplegia Society is to advance spinal cord medicine through state of the art education, dissemination of information, and promotion of research and advocacy.  American Paraplegia Society collaborates with researchers, physicians, and the entire spectrum of health care providers who serve persons with spinal cord injuries/disorders.

In fulfilling this mission, APS partners with the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals, convening an annual scientific conference to report state-of-the-art techniques, disseminate information about scientific research and technological breakthroughs, discuss advances in research and the latest standards for achieving optimal health care, including rehabilitation and lifetime care of individuals with SCI. It is a direct result of this exchange of scientific data that research is advanced and encouraged. Examining data arising from scientific investigations and assessing their impact on clinical care are essential to establishing standards of care, adopting new diagnostic techniques, and treatment protocols to provide cost-effective quality care.

Increase knowledge about spinal cord impairment and related problems

  • Present current clinical and research data related to traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injury
  • Review current information on diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitative techniques
    Enhance practice skills and techniques of clinicians working with individuals with spinal cord impairment
  • Explore the spectrum of disease that directly affects the care of individuals with spinal cord impairment
  • Identify research issues and priorities
  • Provide a forum for professional interchange among physicians and other health care professionals

Board of Directors

President : M. Kristi Henzel, MD, PhD
VP/Pres-Elect :
Rita Hamilton, DO
Secretary :
Jelena Svircev, MD
Monifa Brooks, MD 
Jenny Kiratli, PhD
APS BoD Members at Large:
Wesley Chay, MD; Felicia Skelton, MD; Florian Thomas, MD

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