TLC Award Program

Distinguished Clinical Award
For a member who has demonstrated outstanding clinical contributions in the area of SCI/D. This may include demonstration of clinical application of evidenced based medicine and/or translational research.

Distinguished Clinical Award Recipients:
2010 Deborah Backus, PhD, PT
2011 Martha Somers, PT, DPT, MS
2012 Mark Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP
2013 Claire Cahow, CTRS
2014 Martin Kilbane, PT, DPT, OCS
2015 Anne Bryden, OTR/L
2016 Theresa Berner MA, OTR, ATP
2017 Ellen Severe OTR
2018 Candy Tefertiller
2019 James Gardner, OTR/L, ATP
2020 Liza Criswell, OTR, ATP
2021 Rachel Hibbs, DPT, NCS, ATP
2022 Lawrance Harding, MSPT

Excellence Award
This award is for a member who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership in the clinical application of SCI/D.

Excellence Award Recipients:
2010 Kendra Betz, MPT, ATP
2011 Rafferty Laredo, OTR, ATP
2012 Jacqueline LaMear Black, MSPT
2013 Darrell Musick, PT
2014 Amy Icarangal, PT, NCS
2015 Sam Adams OTR/L
2016 Elaine Rogers PT, ATP
2017 Laura Wehrli PT, DPT, NCS, ATP
2018 Randy Huzinec, PT
2019 Marty Kilbane, PT, DPT, OCS
2020 Katie Powell OTR/L
2022 Joe Fangman, MSPT

Distinguished Lectureship Award

2012 Mark Schmeler
2013 Edelle Field-Fote
2014 Dr. Martha Somers, PT, DPT, MS
2015 Ann Eubank, LMSW, OTR/L, ATP, CAPS
2016 Deborah Backus, PT, PhD
2017 Rafferty Lardeo, OTR, ATP
2018 Kendra Betz, MPT, ATP
2019 Laura Rice, PhD, MPT, ATP and Ian Rice, PhD, MSOT
2020 Lynn Worobey, PhD, DPT, ATP
2021 Laura S. Wehrli, PT, DPT, NCS, ATP
2022 Jeffrey Rosenbluth, MD