APS Awards Program

Estin Comarr Award
Estin Comarr award for Distinguished Clinical Service  Nominee must be an APS member who has demonstrated exceptional  accomplishment in the area of clinical care of persons with SCI.

  • Active or associate member of the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals
  • At least 5 years of experience in SCI medicine.
  • Demonstrated exceptional commitment to the field of clinical care of persons with SCI.
  • Accomplishments, contributions, or achievements have had a significant impact on the
    field of spinal cord medicine. These may be of clinical, scientific, or educational importance.
  • Commitment and contributions of the nominee have had a positive impact on the quality of life of persons with SCI.

Comarr Award Recipients

2020 William Bockenek, MD
2019  Sunil Sabharwal, MD
2018 Vernon Lin, MD, PhD
2017  Larry Vogel, MD
2016  Diana D. Cardenas, MD
2015  Fred Frost, MD
2014  Ken Parsons, MD
2013  Ralph Marino, MD
2012  Inder Perkash, MD
2011  Michael Boninger, MD
2010  Indira Lanig, MD
2009  Jay V. Subbarao, MD, MS
2008  Joel A. DeLisa, MD, MS
2007  Donald R. Bodner, MD
2005  Todd A. Linsenmeyer, MD
2004  Margaret Hammond, MD
2003  Randal R. Betz, MD
2002  Robert Woolsey, MD
2001  Steven C. Kirshblum, MD
1999  Ibrahim Eltorai, MD
1999  John Bach, MD
1997  John George, MD
1993  A. Estin Comarr, MD

Excellence Award
Nominee must have demonstrated outstanding leadership in SCI/D health care including service delivery, research, education, prevention, or administration. It is expected that a recipient of this award will have achieved national recognition and leadership, as well as demonstrated scholarship in the care of persons with SCI/D (briefly support your nomination in your section):

  • The nominee has demonstrated leadership and expertise and is a recognized authority in the area of spinal cord medicine or research.
  • Demonstrated exceptional clinical, scientific, educational or administrative achievements in the care of persons with SCI/D.
  • The accomplishments of the nominee have had a positive nationwide impact on individuals with SCI/D and their quality of life.
  • The achievements of the nominee are recognized by peers, professionals, of the community.

Excellence Award Recipients

2020 Leslie Morse, DO
2019 Michael Kennelly, MD
2018 Trevor Dyson-Hudson, MD
2017  Lance Goetz, MD
2016  Donald Bodner, MD
2015  Carolann Murphy, PA
2014  William Bockenek, MD
2013  Kristjan Ragnarsson, MD
2012  Barry Goldstein, MD
2011  Anthony DiMarco, MD
2010  Harry Goshgarian, PhD
2009  MJ Mulcahey, PhD
2008  Daniel Lammertse, MD
2007  Michael J. Devivo, DrPH
2006  Vernon W. H. Lin, MD, PhD
2005  Sunil Sabharwal, MD
2004  Rory A. Cooper, PhD
2003  Michael M. Priebe, MD
2002  William A. Bauman, MD
2000  James W. Little, MD, PhD
1999  Margaret C. Hammond, MD
1999  Jay V. Subbarao, MD
1996  Joseph E. Binard, MD
1995  Joel A. DeLisa, MD
1994  Inder Perkash, MD

Jayanthi Lectureship
The Jayanthi Charitable Foundation (JCF) was established in 1998 by Jay Subbarao, MD, MS, past president of APS, in memory of his parents and his brother who were a major source of inspiration and support to his career. One of the objectives of the foundation is to encourage and support the dedication of professionals to the care of individuals with disabilities. JCF is partially supporting the distinguished lecture to be presented at each annual conference.

Jayanthi Lectureship Recipients

2020 Brittany Snider, DO
2019 Lawrence C. Vogel, MD
2018  Michael Kennelly, MD
2017  Kelsey Potter-Baker, PhD
2016  Rita Hamilton, DO
2015  Kristy Borawsi, MD, Raheleh Tschoepe, MS, OT/L, Heather Walker, MD
2014  Steven Kirshblum, MD
2013  Andrei Krassikov, MD, PhD, FRCPC
2012  Steven Kirshblum, MD
2011  M. Douglas Benson, PhD
2010  Susan Harkema, PhD

Munro Lectures

2020 Steven Kirshblum, MD
2018  David Gater, MD, PhD
2017  Ann Spungen, EdD
2016  William C. de Groat, PhD
2015  Todd Linsenmeyer, MD
2014  Anthony DiMarco, MD
2013  William A. Bauman, MD
2012  Michael DeVivo, PhD
2011  Randy Betz, MD
2010  Dan Lammertse, MD
2009  P. Hunter Peckham, PhD
2008  Kenneth C. Parsons, MD
2007  Mary B. Bunge, PhD
2006  Williams H. Donovan, MD
2005  Hans Frankel, MB
2004  Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD
2003  Inder Perkash, MD
2002  N.D. Vaziri, MD
2001  John D. Banja, PhD
2000  Edward D. Hall, PhD
1999  Joel A. DeLisa, MD, MS
1998  Byron A. Kakulas, MD
1997  Robert Waters, MD
1996   Gale G Whiteneck, PhD
1995   John F. Ditunno, MD
1994   Kenneth M. Viste Jr., MD
1993   Samuel l. Stover, MD
1992   Donald L. Custis, MD
1991   James J Weisman, Esq
1990   Sir Philip Harris
1988   Robert Slater, MD
1987  Thomas E. Harvey
1986  Juan Fonseca, MD
1985  Msgr. Charles Fahey
1984  Erich G. Krueger, MD
1983  A. Estin Comarr, MD