PSWC Leadership

The history of the American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Psychologists, Social Workers & Counselors organization and now the PSWC Section of the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals is enduring and distinguished. Tradition, professional standing, leadership and commitment in the area of spinal cord healthcare are exemplified in the Founders and Presidents. Similarly, the Board of Directors, Chairpersons and Committee members have provided the solid organizational and professional foundation upon which to build.

American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Psychologists, Social Workers & Counselors (AASCIPSWC) Founders
Vivian Beyda, DrPH
Helen T. Bosshart, MSW
Karen Boies-Hickman, PhD
Dawn Cooke, ACSW
William H. Cooley, LCSW
Marguerite J. David, MSW
Michael E. Dunn, PhD
Paul B. Johnson, PhD
E. Jason Mask, ACSW
Lloyd Irwin Moore, PhD
James J. Peters
Gail B. Price, RN, BS
Marcy Ritt, MSW
Irene Saperstein, LCSW
Joan H. Sheldon, MSSW
Theresa M. Sorota, LCSW
Patricia D. Strasberg, EdD
Hugh B. Taylor, MSW
Robert L. Umiauf, PhD
Grady N. Williams, PhD

Joan H. Sheldon, MSSW 1986-1987
Helen T. Bosshart, MSSW, LCSW 1987-1988
E. Jason Mask, MSW, LCSW 1988-1989
Michael E. Dunn, PhD, 1989-1990
Theresa M. Sorota, MSW, LCSW 1990-1991
Frances M. Buck, Ph.D. 1991-1992
Craig L. Alexander, PhD 1992-1993
Helen T. Bosshart, MSSW, LCSW 1993-1994
Frances M. Buck, PhD 1994-1995
Mickey L. Ginsburg, PhD 1995-1996
Dawn Cooke, MSW, ACSW 1996-1998
Stanley H. Ducharme, Ph.D. 1998-2000
Lester Butt, Ph.D., ABPP 2000-2002
Marcia L. Bernstein, MSW, LCSW 2002-2003
Helen T. Bosshart, MSSW, LCSW 2003-2004
L. Scott Richards, PhD, ABPP 2004-2005
Terrie L. Price, PhD, ABPP 2005-2008
E. Jason Mask, MSW, LCSW 2008-2009
Sigmund Hough, PhD, ABPP 2009-2011
Glenn Curtiss, PhD 2011-2012
Toby A. Huston, PhD 2012-2015
Heather Russell, PhD 2015-2019
Maggi Budd, PhD, MPH, ABPP 2019-2021
Trisha Hicks, MSW, Med, 2021-Present

PSWC Board of Directors

President :
 Trisha Hicks, MSW, Med

Vice President: Lisa Ottomanelli, PhD

Past President:
 Maggi Budd, PhD, MPH, ABPP

Board Members:
 Jackie Wondolowski, MSW; Jenn Irish, PhD; Herb Ames, PhD, ABPP, ABN; Kimberly Monden, PhD; Tammy Abbott-Thiel, LMSW; Jonathon Rose, PhD.