Academy Committees

Advocacy Committee
To provide education and resources to promote increased knowledge and awareness for participation in advocacy
activities that enhance rehabilitation healthcare and the lives of individuals with SCI/D.

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Co-chair: Jeff Berliner, DO, Pronouns: he/him (APS)

Co-chair: Ellia Ciammaichella, DO, JD (APS), Pronouns: she/her (APS)

BOD Liaison: Becky Thayer, MSN, RN, CRRN (SCIN) 

Megan Anderson, MS, OTR/L

Alex Bennewith, MPA

Anne Bryden, PhD, OTR/L

Alex Chesney, OTR, ATP/SMS

Marguerite David

Matthew Davis, MD
Emeritus Member

Christina Draganich, DO


Sigmund Hough, Ph.D., ABPP/rp
Emeritus Member

Kathy Hulse

Kathy Hulse, LCSW, CCM

Julie Koeppe, M.Arch, BSN, RN

Todd Linsenmeyer, MD

Jon Rose, PhD

Clinical Practice Committee

  1. To unite SCI/D professionals for the promotion of interdisciplinary clinical practice of SCI/D care.
  2. To identify and assess clinical practice trends related to SCI/D professionals.
  3. To recommend and implement strategies to promote quality of care for individuals with SCI/D.

Chair: Theresa Berner (TLC)
Co-Chair: Tammy Abbott-Thiel (PSWC)
BOD Liaison:  Jenny Kiratli (APS)

Jackie Wondolowski (PSWC), Lauren Delulio (TLC), Janet Dean (SCIN), Deborah Crane (APS), Michael Kryger (APS), Christine Cleveland (APS), Pines Cabahug (APS), Tami McMichael (SCIN), Melanie Orell (TLC)

Early Career and Trainee Support Committee (ECATS)


  1. Address the unique professional needs of students, trainees, and early career members within ASCIP membership.
  2. Identify student, trainee, and early career issues and needs in regard to the Academy’s growth and development.
  3. Provide networking opportunities with peers and experienced professionals within the organization.
  4. Increase student, trainee, and early career membership participation and awareness of relevant topics.
  5. Promote learning opportunities that emphasize the interdisciplinary nature and diversity of SCI/D care and research.
  6. Promote professional development and leadership capacity through participation in ASCIP committees, mentorship opportunites, and engagement with senior ASCIP members.
  7. Provide opportunities for students, trainees, and early career members to attend and participate in ASCIP’s annual conference.

Chair: James Wilson (APS)
Co-Chair: Jennifer Irish (PSWC)
BOD Liaison: Laura Rice (SCIN)

Carolyn Campbell (APS), Samantha Harfenist (PSWC), Daniela Illescu (APS), Christie Krull (APS), Matthew Sorenson (SCIN), Linda Ehrlich-Jones (SCIN), Rachel Boeche (TLC), Rachael Houtman (TLC)


Electronic Communication Committee

To promote the development, implementation and utilization of electronics communication as an effective means of support for ASCIP GB, Committees, Sections, and membership.

Chair: Jillian Walker MS, OTRL, ATP Pronouns: she/her/hers (TLC)

BOD Liaison: Lisa Ottomanelli Slone (PSWC)

Toby Huston
Pronouns: he/him (PSWC)

Joan McMahon (SCIN)

Pierre Clay

Lisa Wenzel

Lisa Wenzel

Finance Committee


  1. Provide oversight and guidance to the GB regarding finances of ASCIP, assuring that proper procedures are followed
    with regard to receipt of funds, banking, investment of funds, and disbursements.
  2. Inform the GB of the resources available for ASCIP activities by preparing an annual budget, and
  3. Directly or indirectly assist in fund raising activiries, along with the Management Agent, by functioning as a resource
    to members

Tammy Abbot Thiel (PSWC), Monifa Brooks (APS)


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Committee (IDEA)


Awareness and education related to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in supporting ASCIP’s activities, operation, policies, communications, services and products.

A culture where Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access are understood, respected and intentionally applied through meaningful, practical and pioneering strategies that can serve as a role-model.

Develop a culture where Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access are understood, respected and intentionally applied through meaningful, practical and pioneering strategies that can serve as a role-model to enhance opportunities for learning and self-growth globally for all citizens and our communities.

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Chair: Sigmund Hough Ph.D., ABPP/rp, Pronouns: he/him/his (PSWC)

Chair-elect (2024-25): Jillian Walker MS, OTRL, ATP Pronouns: she/her/hers (TLC)

BOD Liaison: Trisha Hicks, LSW, MEd., Pronouns: she/her (PSWC)

Ellia Ciammaichella DO, JD Pronouns: she/her (APS)

Samantha Harfenist Psy.D, Pronouns: she/her (PSWC)

Jeffrey Jaramillo MS, DPT, Pronouns: he/him/his (TLC)

Katharine Tam MD, Pronouns: she/her/hers (APS)

Florian Thomas MD, Ph.D, Pronouns: he/him (APS)

Jessica Whitchurch, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, Pronouns: she/her/hers

Membership Committee


  1. Identify the community of professionals working and have an interest in the field of spinal cord injury/diseases. Involvement in the field of SCI/D can occur in any setting, including direct care, supervision, administration, research, education, health policy, etc.
  2. Expand the membership of ASCIP.
  3. Review membership requirements periodically and recommend revisions to the GB.
  4. Respond to member concerns.

Chair: Erin Brown (TLC)
BOD Liaison:  Joe Fangman (TLC)

Jackie Wondolowski (PSWC), Jane Mitchell (SCIN), Jeanette Elias (SCIN), Sara Waid, Elizabeth Kratochvil, Alice Hon, Mariam Mian

Program Committee


To plan and execute the Academy of Spinal Cord Professionals Educational Conference bringing together professionals representing the full spectrum of SCI/D healthcare to enhance multi-disciplinary care across the lifespan of individuals with spinal cord injury and related diseases.

Chair and BOD Liaison: Laura Wehrli (SCIN)

Matthew Sorenson (SCIN), Lisa Beck (SCIN), Herb Ames (PSWC), Jennifer Irish (PSWC), Randy Huzinec (TLC), Rafferty Laredo (TLC), Wesley Chay (APS), Daniela Iliescu (APS), Trevor Dyson-Hudson (APS).

Research Committee


  1. Promote submission of the highest quality of research-based presentations at the ASCIP Annual Conference
  2. Promote submission of SCI/D related research in the JSCM by all the sections
  3. Provide networking opportunities to membership to facilitate development of research ideas, and the dissemination of research findings to the larger SCI/D professional community
  4. Provide membership with information on valuable resources in research (grants, funding, collaborations, e.g.)
  5. Support research efforts for early career and trainees in SCI/D health care

Chair and BOD Liaison: Kimberley Monden (PSWC)

Megan Gill (TLC), Radha Korupolu (APS), Angela Philippus (Student), Shaun Smith (PSWC), Linda Schultz (SCIN), Katherine Nedley (TLC), Susan Newman (SCIN), Rafer Willenberg (APS), Libak Abou (TLC), Muna Bhattarai (SCIN)