ASCIP 2023 Evaluations

To qualify for credit for ASCIP's 2023 Annual Meeting, you must complete the session evaluation for each session you attend:

  • Only registered, logged-in attendees will be able to access these items.  If the "current status" bar reads "NOT ENROLLED," log in with the BLUE LOGIN button.
  • LOG IN WITH THE EMAIL YOU USED TO REGISTER FOR THIS MEETING AND THE PASSWORD YOU RECEIVED THROUGH THE WHOVA APP. (If you cannot find the email, the password is the same as the Whova Invitation Code, listed on the app download signage at the registration desk.)
  • If you need to change your Profile information, add your credentials, or change your password, use the GREEN EDIT YOUR PROFILE button.

Sessions will be available for evaluation at their scheduled end time.

Please bookmark this page.

Evaluation List

Click the appropriate day to locate the session block you wish to evaluate.

Please do not complete an evaluation for which you were not registered or did not attend.

Upon completion of each evaluation, your credit will be automatically credited and you will be redirected to this page.

Please do not click "return to course" or exit until you have been returned to this page.