ASCIP 2023 Pre-con Sessions

ASCIP 2023 offers attendees three outstanding options to augment their educational experience.  

When you register for the conference, select the pre-con that's right for you.  


SCIN Precon (Included in registration)

The 2023 SCIN pre-con will provide the learners with the opportunity to engage with and learn from fellow nursing experts and academic leaders in the SCI rehabilitation space from across the USA.

The focus of the sessions is to go beyond the basic bowel, bladder and skin topics and challenge SCI nurses to become leaders of the nursing field while using clinical evidence to support holistic rehabilitation of the spinal cord injured patient.

TLC Precon (Included in registration)
Coordinator: Kendra Betz, MSPT, ATP

This session will highlight a multitude of positive outcomes by demonstrating the transition of clinical care to real life activities with a focus on sports and recreation participation.

All professionals who work with the SCI/D population from acute rehabilitation to outpatient and lifelong care will gain an increased awareness and greater appreciation for the opportunities available to not only those with paraplegia and our “super quads” who are athletic and highly mobile but also for those with tetraplegia who use power wheelchairs for everyday mobility and those with incomplete injuries who present with unique challenges.

Whether participation goals are targeted toward novice introduction, elite level competition, or somewhere in between, positive outcomes are almost always guaranteed when sports and recreation are included in the treatment plan. To facilitate hands-on experience and practice, a significant segment will be dedicated to “live” demonstration, practice, and discussion facilitated by adaptive sprots experts and experienced athletes.

An interactive audience activity to highlight innovation, access and inclusion in adaptive sports and a panel discussion to review professional pathways are additional highlights of the course.

SCI Review Course (Additional fee and separate registration required)

This program is designed for physicians and health care professionals as a comprehensive and up-to-date review of all major topics in spinal cord medicine. This course will be especially helpful for physicians who are preparing for the Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Sub-specialty Certification and Maintenance of Certification Examination.

The course is designed as:

  • A state-of-the-art review on the assessment of patients with spinal cord injury/disorder.
  • A comprehensive review of current medical management and rehabilitation strategies in spinal cord impairment.
  • A review of information and strategies in preparation for the Sub-specialty Certification and Maintenance of Certification Examination.