ASCIP Innovation Lab

The ASCIP Innovation Lab is an annual knowledge sharing event hosted by the Therapy Leadership Council (TLC).  Spinal Cord Injury practitioners frequently create innovative adaptations to solve everyday problems for their clients, so we invite practitioners to submit a piece of adaptive equipment or a modification that they made that positively impacted their clients. The goals of this event are to share knowledge across practitioners to improve practice and quality of life for people with SCI, as well as to celebrate creative clinicians!

Submissions for the 2020 Innovation Lab will are now open. Submissions will be accepted for low-tech devices (fabrication requires access to basic materials available to most clinicians) and high-tech devices (fabrication requires use of high-level technology or machines, which may not be available to all clinicians). All submissions will be judged by the TLC Board based on practicality, cost, innovation, replication, and durability. The top six submissions will be invited to present at the 2020 ASCIP Conference in Chicago, IL.

Here are the videos about the devices from our 2017, 2018 & 2019 finalists:


Low-Tech Device Winner: The Magna Cuff presented by Andrew Flint, OTR/L, MOT, Craig Hospital

High-Tech Device Winner: Wheelchair Mounted Curling Stick presented by Vance Pease, CTRS, VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Other team members: Anita Williamson, OTR/L & Eli Kaufman, Research Prosthetist

People’s Choice Winner: The Video Game Dock presented by Katie Schultz, DPT, ATP, Milwaukee VA Medical Center

Finalist: Supposipatty: Suppository Insertion Training Aid presented by Michael Blackstock, MS, OTRL, Michigan Medicine Occupational Therapy

Finalist: Universal Cuff Threader presented by Amanda Harness, MOTR/L, Craig Hospital

Finalist: FPS Field-Goal Topper for Adaptive Video Gaming presented by Danielle Scroggs, CTRS, Craig Hospital 

Other team members: Ken Jones, War Fighter Engaged Foundation


Low-Tech Device Winner: Universal Utensil Holder presented by Amy Hardoff, OTR/L

Other team members: Joe Reed

High-Tech Device Winner: 3D Printed Magnetic Splint + Joystick presented by James Gardner, OTR/L

Other team members: Dallin Sunbury OTR/L Neil Scott OTR/L

People’s Choice Winner: Hands Free Mirror for Female Self-Cathing presented by Amy Fricke, MS, OTR/L

Other team members: Patrick Wagner

Finalist: ForeBearer presented by Joe Fangman, MSPT

Other team members: Andrew Flint, MOT, OTR/L

Finalist: Round About presented by Katie Hunt, COTA/L

Other team members: Amy Shaw, OTR/L


Clinical Panel Winner: Head Support System for ALS by Charles Robinson, D.Sc., P.E.

People’s Choice Winner: 3D Printed Pants Holder by Michelle Bebo, MS, OTR/L & Lia Poeder, OTD, OTR/L

Finalist: Feeding System by Dianna Mah-Jones, OT

Finalist: Nan’z Ease – Funnel System for Bladder Managementby Samuel Jay Keyser

Finalist: Double Duty Make-Up Applicator by Beth Melancon OT/L