ASCIP Innovation Lab

Here are the videos about the devices from past Innovation Labs:


Low Tech Winner: Atom Young for "Universal Loops"

High Tech Winner: Jared Grier for  "Deodorant Grasping Aid"

People's Choice Award: Joanna Watson for "EZ-Up Pony Tie"



Low Tech Winner: Frances Griffin for "The Long Shot"

High Tech Winner: John Miller for "Toothbrush Holder for Universal Cuff"

People's Choice Award: Atom Young for "Dynamic Shooting Support"



Low-Tech Device Winner: The Magna Cuff presented by Andrew Flint, OTR/L, MOT, Craig Hospital

High-Tech Device Winner: Wheelchair Mounted Curling Stick presented by Vance Pease, CTRS, VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Other team members: Anita Williamson, OTR/L & Eli Kaufman, Research Prosthetist

People’s Choice Winner: The Video Game Dock presented by Katie Schultz, DPT, ATP, Milwaukee VA Medical Center

Finalist: Supposipatty: Suppository Insertion Training Aid presented by Michael Blackstock, MS, OTRL, Michigan Medicine Occupational Therapy

Finalist: Universal Cuff Threader presented by Amanda Harness, MOTR/L, Craig Hospital

Finalist: FPS Field-Goal Topper for Adaptive Video Gaming presented by Danielle Scroggs, CTRS, Craig Hospital 

Other team members: Ken Jones, War Fighter Engaged Foundation


Low-Tech Device Winner: Universal Utensil Holder presented by Amy Hardoff, OTR/L

Other team members: Joe Reed

High-Tech Device Winner: 3D Printed Magnetic Splint + Joystick presented by James Gardner, OTR/L

Other team members: Dallin Sunbury OTR/L Neil Scott OTR/L

People’s Choice Winner: Hands Free Mirror for Female Self-Cathing presented by Amy Fricke, MS, OTR/L

Other team members: Patrick Wagner

Finalist: ForeBearer presented by Joe Fangman, MSPT

Other team members: Andrew Flint, MOT, OTR/L

Finalist: Round About presented by Katie Hunt, COTA/L

Other team members: Amy Shaw, OTR/L


Clinical Panel Winner: Head Support System for ALS by Charles Robinson, D.Sc., P.E.

People’s Choice Winner: 3D Printed Pants Holder by Michelle Bebo, MS, OTR/L & Lia Poeder, OTD, OTR/L

Finalist: Feeding System by Dianna Mah-Jones, OT

Finalist: Nan’z Ease – Funnel System for Bladder Managementby Samuel Jay Keyser

Finalist: Double Duty Make-Up Applicator by Beth Melancon OT/L