Congratulations on the acceptance of your poster(s) at the 2020 Virtual ASCIP meeting. We are looking forward to your participation! The Virtual meeting has been scheduled over 4 days to allow for maximum flexibility and attendance. The dates of the conference are September 12, 13, 21, and 22.

Your notification email contained a template to use to create your poster presentation(s). ASCIP is pleased to inform you that all posters will be posted conference website for the duration of the conference.

As a result of this year’s virtual format, ASCIP will post an optional one-minute audio recording with your poster presentation. The one-minute audio recording should be a brief “elevator pitch” highlighting your abstract. Additional instructions on how to submit a recording are referenced below. In addition, the Academy Research Committee (ARC) will review all posters for their respective eligible awards. Award posters will be recognized within the conference platform. Please note that only the content of the poster will be reviewed by the Academy Research Committee. The optional audio recording will not be evaluated by ARC, thus will not impact the poster judging process.

The ASCIP Poster Award Categories are:

  • ASCIP Best Empirical Research Poster Award
  • ASCIP Best Clinical Practice Poster Award
  • ASCIP Diversity Poster Award
  • The Adcock Award: Best Clinical Practice
  • APS Best Trainee/Resident/Fellow Poster
  • PSWC Best Trainee Poster
  • SCIN Best Trainee Poster
  • TLC Best Trainee Poster

Poster Preparation and Submission:  You will need to submit your poster as a PDF file (created in PowerPoint one single slide using the provided template). Posters may be accompanied by an optional one-minute recording. The recording will be posted with the PDF for other conference attendees to review.

The poster submission deadline is August 16, 2020. Late posters will not be accepted!


Create your poster:

  1. Open the template received in your notification email.
  2. Create your poster on the template in the center white box, leaving the blue borders displayed.
  3. When creating your PowerPoint electronic poster, the preferred font is Verdana at a 16-point font size minimum. Other acceptable font styles are: Tahoma, Helvetica, or Trebuchet MS.
  4. When finished, save/export the file as a PDF. Use the following naming convention LastName_AbstractTitle. If there is more than one presenting author associated with the abstract, please use the following convention LastName1_LastName2_LastName3_AbstractTItle.

Upload your your poster files here:

Upload files

Optional Audio Recording

  1. Use the microphone icon to begin your recording. Use the stop button to end the recording at any time. The recording will automatically stop at 60 seconds. To replay and listen to your completed recording prior to submission, hit the play button. To re-record, use the “retake-button”, and then follow the initial workflow again. For a demo, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner
  2. In the comments box please type the title of your abstract using the naming convention associated with your poster (example: LastName_AbstractTitle)
  3. Then hit the continue tab at the bottom.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your name and e-mail to verify your posting. Please enter your name and e-mail. (You also may log in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.)
  5. Time permitting, it is strongly encouraged that you state the title of your abstract within the recording.

Record your audio introduction below:


Additional Tips

  • The aim of the poster is to display your work in a concise form, enabling conference attendees to grasp the essentials of the subject in a reasonable time frame.
  • Brevity and clarity are the essence of a good poster. Relevant images can be added to illustrate where appropriate, please ensure that any graphics used are high definition images.
  • High quality images or illustrations are valuable methods for conveying information. It is important to ensure correct placement of the images relative to the text to enable smooth reading of the poster.
  • Presenters should use scientific or generic names in referring to products. Should it be necessary to use a trade name, then the appropriate format is generic (trade). All product names must be in a consistent format. Poster must be non-promotional in nature.
  • In all cases, patient anonymity must be protected in accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Laws.
  • Check out ASCIP’s webinar on Optimal Poster Design in our Webinar Library

As a reminder, poster presenters are required to register for the conference. Conference registration will include access to all of our live educational offerings for the dates listed above in addition to access to archived educational material that will be available for a period of time after the live event, should you not be able to attend all of the live sessions. Registration will open this week. For more information or to register for the conference please go to:

Should you have any questions, please e-mail